Shanghai Barbie

ShanghaiAltered Barbie artist Leigh Radtke recommends the current Plastic Collection on the Barbie Collector website.

Highlights include a trip to the amazing House of Barbie in Shanghai and the "Team Pink" Foosball Table.

More Great Pics and Press from our 2009 Show

We have just updated our Media Page with lots more press coverage from this years show.

We've also been enjoying the great pictures taken by David Pang... check out all his Altered Barbie Galleries.

Love this Slideshow of our Artist's Reception and great shots from the Barbie 50th Anniversary Ball - below.

Barbie 50th Ball


Aletered Barbie on NBC!

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Barbie Diaries - Tickets on Sale Now!

Thursday's puppet show is coming up!

For more information visit the Little Blue Moon Website

The show is $20.

For seats call Julie at 415.240.2202.

Artist Reception Photos

Take a look at these amazing photos from our Artist Reception on SFSTATION

Happy 50th + Altered Barbie Poster available now..

Fabulous poster from Altered Barbie artist Kimberley Simmons available from our online store now.

Jennifer Hasegawa the fabulous organizer of our spoken word night 2009

Organizer of this year's Altered Barbie Spoken Word Night, J-Ha is a poet and founder of The Barbie Cage and its accompanying haiku contest. Coming up on it's fifth year, the contest solicits haiku inspired by The Barbie Cage, an art installation based in a rabbit cage that changes with the seasons. To read the haiku anthologies and view images of The Barbie Cage, visit






Altered Barbie on FCCFreeRadio

Here is a quick recap of Altered Barbie on John Hell's monday radio show.

Includes and interview with our own Julie Anderson.





"American Icon" - Performance Art at the Altered Barbie Artists reception

American Icon is the 1st Place Winner of the 2007 World Living Statue Competition held in Arnhem, Netherlands

A team of artists for the American Icon entry was led by Gregangelo Artistic Director for Velocity Circus. Joanne Evangelista a multi-award winning multimedia artist and master make-up artist created a special effect illusion make-up that took the completion by storm and helped secure first place.Audrey Rosales a native San Franciscan and circus artists was the original model for the competition and created the gown. Ms. Rosales stamina as a circus artists allowed her to stand motionless with her eyes close for hours as hundreds of thousands spectators and judges milled around her and judged the competition.

The Barbie Diaries 2009

Presented by Little Blue Moon Theatre. See their website for more information on the October 1st performance.

Barbie Diaries 2004 (excerpts from my diary, dramatized by ME.) 2004:  I find out Ken has broken up with me (no, He never told me...I read it in the New York Times!)  I have a bad period, doing a stint of rehab at the Salvation Army toy bin, then get taken home by a man/artist(?) who likes to play with dollies.  I try to make sense of my life, get my first bath in over a year, re-enter the dating game (with disasterous results) and try and pull my life together as a middle aged (but still good looking if you ignore the hair, which I am working on) fashion icon whose best days seem to be behind me.  

2008 Musical Photo Tour

Video from foundobjectvideo, song by jacobson communications

A night with Barbie 2008

The video is from Lisa Pickoff-White and Rhyen Coombs showcasing "A night with Barbie at the annual San Francisco event showcasing altered Barbies from area artists ".