Why and how i do altered barbie by Lavonne Sallee

WOW! Who would have thought that, at the age of 62 I would have found something that inspires me so much? And, as a double whammy, that it would involve playing with Barbie dolls, blows me away. All of my life I searched for something to create or produce that would make me feel fulfilled. Well, I produced three children, two boys (now 31 and 41) and a daughter (now 34) and they produced 3 children so far. That fulfills me and now they are grown and on their own. Somewhere along the line I realized that ME, SEARCHING for the thing that I could create was the wrong way to go about it.

In Barbies World: New Video

Here’s a wonderrful video in this years show that was made with a keen critical eye of POP culture

Thoughts on Jurying the Altered Barbie show by Maggie Malloy

A few notes from Maggie Malloy this years juror for the 6th annual altered Barbie Show: Maggie explains her thought process when jurying a piece for consideration.