The Barbie Diaries 2009

Presented by Little Blue Moon Theatre. See their website for more information on the October 1st performance.

Barbie Diaries 2004 (excerpts from my diary, dramatized by ME.) 2004:  I find out Ken has broken up with me (no, He never told me...I read it in the New York Times!)  I have a bad period, doing a stint of rehab at the Salvation Army toy bin, then get taken home by a man/artist(?) who likes to play with dollies.  I try to make sense of my life, get my first bath in over a year, re-enter the dating game (with disasterous results) and try and pull my life together as a middle aged (but still good looking if you ignore the hair, which I am working on) fashion icon whose best days seem to be behind me.  

Barbie Dairies 2009 - world premier (more excerpts from my diary/blog) 2009:  MY demographic begins to dominate Facebook (which is fine, because I have plenty of time.)  I buy my dream house, unfortunately at the top of the market which proceeds to tank, job hunt (I have an incredible resume..where are all the jobs?), try therapy and begin to suspect that someone else who looks like me is impersonating me.  Oh.  And I turn 50.  And did I mention that I die and come back?  

My show will be really, really good.  I promise.  Please come and see ME.  

Little Blue Moon Theatre is an UNI Award winning puppet and object theatre specializing in intimate performances for adults.  Previous productions starring Barbie include "The Lady or the Tiger" and "Dido and Aeneas."  For more information on this company including its history (started in an aphrodisiac factory) and repertoire, go to

Quotes about Little Blue Moon Theatre

"...bright, sparkling, witty clever, sophisticated and very, very adult. Even on the tinest of stages they played with nuance, scale and special effects!"

"...drop dead brilliant: inventive, outlandish, and outrageously funny. I don't think I've laughed so hard in years. The Nelsons are on a roll, exploring a new medium, with a sure hand, deft timing and great good humor."

"The Nelsons' toy theater shows are marked by enthralling designs, innovative manipulation and transformation, skillful operation, compelling musical accompaniment, joyous good humor, and, of course, the added attraction of risque "adult" content, which nonetheless is always able to maintain a certain amount of propriety in the midst of deep innuendo. "


A very awkward moment: In an attempt to attract the amorous attentions of her next door neighbor, Barbie has scheduled a session with Mistress Bratz when her ex, Ken, and his new girlfriend (Caligirl) happen by. By the way, the Bratz doll is wearing the same skanky clothes she is sold with.

On the road to recovery: Barbie's first bath in over a year (since the split.)