About Us


Julie Andersen and CHATTERBOX INT’L have hosted the Altered Barbie shows since 2003. The organization is dedicated to creating multidimensional exhibitions that bring emerging and established artists of all ages and all cultural backgrounds together.

Shotwell 50 Inc - promotes the exhibition and exchange of art as a common dialogue between diverse local and international artists to advance the understanding of cultural traditions, human welfare, and the impact on the global environment.

Sponsors: S5AS, ChatterBox Arts Intl., Donna Davis, Jennifer Jacobson consulting, Tea Party Magazine, Velocity Circus.


Continued and Past advisors and supporters:

Donna Davis, Charlotte Davis, Babalou, Cynthia Tom, Michel Fraser, Maggie Malone, All the people who have volunteered and watched the gallery over the years and offered their support! And finally All participating artists, past, present and future!