Artist Reception Saturday September 16 7-10PM

San Francisco’s AlteredBarbie’s  Super Heroine & Hero to the Rescue Exhibition: HOPE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Call to Artists 2017

To all present, future & past AlteredBarbie & ChatterBox Arts International art collectors, supporters and artists. AlteredBarbie is back with a new show. 2017 is an expansion of the concept of icon. Please use your artistic license to expand upon Barbie into realms of the icon and super heroes & heroines of your preference. Looking forward to curating this show at Back to the Picture and working with all of you new and then some again!

2017 AlteredBarbie’s San Francisco Iconic Super Heroine & Hero to the Rescue exhibition.
We the Artistic PEOPLE of San Francisco making it ALL Great Again !!


Announcing 12th Annual Altered Barbie

Mission Barbie !!

Barbie is on a mission… kick some long needed ass! Gather up your discarded ideologies and come to see what Barbies mission is. Is it to save or take over the mission district (beloved 94110 / 94103) or San Francisco, CA or the entire USA, or the World? Is her Mission To Eat you, Prey on you or Love you? Or all three?

Where: Shotwell 50 Studio: 50 Shotwell, San Francisco, CA 94103

  • Submission Deadline for images and to be in publications is: Now until September 26, 2014
  • Final Submission deadline is: October 10, 2014

Opening Party: Thursday October 23, 2014

Poetry Reading Thursday November 6, 2014

Closing Party Saturday: November 15, 2014

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You can get more info. from me, Cherrie, The Doll-Lady..doing alot of promo. for my theatre arts program, working with young people, with the arts to help heal the wounds of anger and violence. My art and music all help to fundraise for my continuing work. Thanks, you can contact via landline 510-482-5810, or, e-mail: just say! I want to buy CD, at: and I will be glad to assit. you. My biography on how I got started in the arts for peace..can be viewed, Thanks, Again! Cherrie Williams, The Doll-Lady Hugs & Kisses...