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You can get more info. from me, Cherrie, The Doll-Lady..doing alot of promo. for my theatre arts program, working with young people, with the arts to help heal the wounds of anger and violence. My art and music all help to fundraise for my continuing work. Thanks, you can contact via landline 510-482-5810, or, e-mail: just say! I want to buy CD, at: and I will be glad to assit. you. My biography on how I got started in the arts for peace..can be viewed, Thanks, Again! Cherrie Williams, The Doll-Lady Hugs & Kisses...

OBAMA AND MICHELLE ARE IN THE LIGHT TO DO RIGHT....Like the song says, "Let's Do It Again!" By The Staples Singers

 Out of all the White House Couples; I have read about this  lovely couple takes first place and more; of what family and love can be, a good example. I love Michelle's fashion artistry and attitude of, Standing behind your man...and with all the things that Mr. Obama  has to do, I can say, like the song,"let's Do It Again"! is  all, right on!!...chuckle, chuckle... 2013! Boy! have I been busy, y'all, just finished doing a show with the lovely comedian, GINA GOLD, with TMI productions. I performed a few humorous jokes with a medley of songs, this pushed the delightful crowd into more of  what was already happening"happy mode" and alot of laughs and fun. Gina, asked me to return to her next up-coming show, over at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley, Ca. November 21, 2013, 7:30PM Pacific, are $ 10.00 in advance and $13.00 at the door.