Beach Heroine

Artist: Baggadeluxe
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In my opinion, it is heroic, to stand up for choices you made for yourself - might it be your look or your taste. Therefore my Super Heroine stands for choices! Everybody has the possibilty to pick and choose the perfect Super Heroine. First of all you get to choose your location of choice. All of the most popular and most famous beaches around the world! You choose your skin color, your weight, your lips, your eyes, your eyebrows, your boobs, your hairstyle. If you aren't satisfied with your nose or your breasts, you may get a boob or a nose job for some extra $$. As soon as you are done with your general look you may pick your accessories. Dress yourself with a bathing suit accordingly to your taste and preference. What's your beverage of choice? A cold beer, a stylish cocktail or rather the non-alcoholic soda? You care for a tattoo? Any jewelery such as a bracelet or a necklace? Would you like to do any drugs? High heels or flip flops? So many options to choose from and to stand up for! Make a choice and own it!