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Shoshannah Landis
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I am a Phoenix native and currently reside here again, but have traveled around the US all throughout my life. Being a Christian and raising three cool boys by myself gave me a unique perspective on a few things in life.
And I have always enjoyed writing - having about 1000 poems and creative non-fiction pieces under my literary belt; a few having been published or won awards.
Currently I am working on one of my degrees; working towards my Master's in Expressive Art Therapy and I believe in the power of doll-play with my clients and others. As well as creating; taking something almost from nothing and making
a whole new concept out of it - that is exciting and inspiring. I have witnessed this occur on several ocassions with others besides myself and it simply re-inforces our God-given potential to heal and grow as individuals.
To get past the wounds that would hold us back and propel us to keep on going despite any and everything.

Artist Statement

I am excited to be here with Altered Barbie this year again - as both a poet and an artist, as I have entered two pieces: one poetry piece and one art piece.
And also my very talented son, ZachSketch has entered pieces as well; so this is awesome to share this fantastic experience with him.
I so appreciate all of the love & hard work Julie and her team put into this exhibit for all of the artists, community members, and supporters.
All I can say is - #12 - what a year to celebrate and be thank ful for!
Take care,
Shosy G


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