Pillow Talk

Picture of "Pillow Talk"
Artist: Shosy G
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This piece kind of goes along with my poem entitled "With The Greatest of Ease" because of it's 'Barbie-on-a-mission' statement.But on the other hand, it is dissimilar due to every one in this piece being dead; or are they?I suppose that is really up to the individual viewer and the particular day of the week.This was great fun to create  and to simply let go and make something that wasn't a recreation of something else, like I have done in the past, with my other OOAK Barbies (likethe Jack and Sally from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and Oberon and Titania from a 'Midsummer Night's Dream').Thanks for viewing as I've been doll playing/re-imagined for 13-years; scouting thrift stores for used Barbies to rehabilitate or re-create  ^_^.It's nice to finally share one of these creations with you.Take care and God bless,Shosy G 

Mixed Medium: Barbie parts, paints, cardboard