Aqueila M. Lewis

“Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Who is the Fairest of them all?”
Seeing things with different eyes
Wearing a new pair of lens.
Fully aware.
I reflect on them.
Standing on the corner.
Wishing to be seen.
To be understood.
Was taken when she was just a little princess.
Now she is forced to be the Queen of the Hood.
I concentrate on them.
I pray for them.
And I see them.
Slightly overweight.
Stuffing bellies with chocolate cupcakes filed with raspberry jelly.
Consuming it for breakfast.
Sometimes for lunch.
And for dinner.
Because it’s cheap.
She’s invisible anyway.
She will never look like the vogue model grazing covers of magazines.
She eats the hurt away and keeps eating and eating until there’s nothing left.
She remains invisible to this day.
I reflect on the old woman who has stories to say.
But they are fallen on deaf ears.
No one has the time to listen.
If only they knew that she had the key that would open all doors to freedom.
If only they knew that her gray hair symbolized wisdom.
You will learn much when you listen.
I know because I’ve been there.
Many places.
I learned in stages.
I heard it whispered in the wind.
And fell in love with my reflection.
My mirror has many things to say.
I wonder,
What does your mirror say?