Barbie the Savior

I've been through a lot of big life changes this year, all of them good for the most part but they have been time and energy sucking on a grand scale. Despite the fact that all these things are for the better they left little time for my creativity. The problem with this is that creativity, especially altering dolls, is who I am, it's what makes me happy and whole and just, well, me.

I was striving to get things settled in life so that I could produce some new and good quality work to submit to Altered Barbie this year. After several months of not working on anything artistic at all it felt great when I sat down with a naked Barbie in my hands, just begging to become something unique and creepy and wonderful, even better was pulling her head off (by the way, if anyone has a use for a big box of Barbie heads then look me up, I can't bring myself to just toss them out). With headless Barbie I could feel ideas swirling and creativity surging. Barbie was able to instantly bring me back to myself and all the creepy, creative, fun that goes with that.

2011 Show Submission Deadline Extended!

Thank you to everyone who has submitted work for the 2011 show and welcome to our new members.

We have a fantastic array of pieces in our curation queue already.  We have chosen some images to promote the event and are enjoying the warm glow of knowing that we have so much great art to look forward to.

Since the show's in the bag we are extending our submission deadline to make sure all members get a chance to submit work and noone is left out.

New deadline for submissions:
September 25th


The Altered Barbie Team

New Work for 2011!

With so Many Personalities, Who will She be Today?Hello Altered Barbie Fans!

I am very excited for Altered Barbie 2011 exhibition, What Would Barbie Do? And Ken Too?! What a great theme. Over the past few weeks, I have been working like a mad man to create new images for the show. Here's is a sneak peek at my newest image:

With So Many Personalties, Who Will She Be Today, 2011

Dear Altered Barbie Artists,

I am organizing a bunch of us to work on a group piece for the Altered Barbie Show this year ......something we could split up and work on and put back together.

I got the idea from Jody to make it a fundraiser.....we could auction it or raffle it off and split the money with the show.

I am very excited about this……having done this kind of project before, it is inspiring, and fun, and just amazing the way it works out. All we need is a really good idea.

If you are interested in working on the group piece for the show this year, I will have a meeting at my house on Sat Aug 27th to start planning. Let me know if you are interested and what time you could be here.

Please email or call-415-756-6405 ……any questions????

Looking forward to hearing from you….and seeing you too!!

Barbie Poetry Reading

The 8th Annual San Francisco Altered Barbie Exhibition is proud to present an evening of Barbie inspired poetry featuring the Bay Area's outstanding: Amber Brianne Bouman, Meg Day, Lara Durback, Gina Goldblatt, Nicole Hammersla, Raymond Hobbs, Keely Hyslop, Daniel Weatherfield Lichtenberg, Sean Labrador y Manzano, Herbert Foster Kaufman, Juliana Korysno Miller, Chris Pine, Margaret Rhee, MG Roberts, Dennis Somera, Nora Toomey, and Rebecca VanDeVoort!

Admission Free

Raffle ticket with Altered Barbie 2010 Anthology purchase!


9/9/10 Department of the Environment has joined Altered Barbie 2010! ARTISTS RECEPTION! A Date with Barbie

Check it out, more barbies and more fun!
Open monday through Friday 9AM-5PM

9/9/10: 5-7:30 Department of the Envrionment Altered Barbie Artists Reception @11 Grove st., San Francisco, Ca.
Where: Department of the Environment, SF, Ca. 11 Grove Street