The making of AlteredBarbie 2011

Altered Barbie 2011: The Making of......Organizing and Visual support Aritsts Include:

Ruby Pearl-Barbie workshops and artist
David Pang: Photographer and Teaparty Magazine Owner
Jody Banks-Kickstarter and juror
Kellie Hunter-Organizing support
Babalou-Project management support
Dana Marek-Interior designer and owner of Shotwell 50 Inc. Sponsor of Altered Baribie 2011!
Sean Manzano-Poetry Reading for Altered Barbie 2011, Catalogue, lit quake & lit crawl
Antony Hall: Web site
Olivia Rivas-Graphics
Sabine Brunner-Organizing support
Charlotte Davis-Development support
Donna Davis-Organizing support & MC
Shahn Miller: Dinner Chef for Food and Fashion night
Meighan: Interior designer & curator
Gregangelo Velocity Circus
Barbie & Ken Living Statues
Barbie & Ken’s Make-up artist Allison Kenyon
Marque Cornblatt-zombie guru & fashion designer
Hester Michael-fahsion designer
Machiko Saito & the participating youth from
Jenny Kerr and her band
Kitten on the Keys
Cynthia Tom - A place of her own
Cecilia Yu-britains i-protest

Thank you all for your support in making AlteredBarbie a success. Love you all!