Deborah Colotti


Animal Bones, Barbie parts, site installation art, Black Rock Desert

Box of Time: From Bones to Barbie (one of six structures)

Mirror, Barbie Legs, Fur Trim, LED lighting, Horseshoe Nails

Oval Eye with Legs

LARGE Barbie Heads morphed with hands, legs, arms of Barbie dolls


Barbie hair, Hair curler, Glass globe, Wire Armature

Tickler Ball

Barbie parts, Animal bones, Plastic mesh, copper wire

double consciousness

Four Altered Barbies in a Barbie Car

Four Barbs in a Car

Altered Barbie Mutilated Barbie Creative Barbie Wild Barbies Alternative Barbie

the Barbs (detail view)

Barbie doll rearranged as Nazi symbol

Nazi Barb (2)

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Art in school, Art while travelling, Art Always

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If I love it today, and still love it tomorrow, and still totally love it a month later, then it is time to make the effort to bind it all together (beyond the draft form) in order to continue loving it for a long long time. Then I can share it with others, like YOU!


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