Last Call for Poets 2013

• First place prize $100, and 2nd place prize $50 • Submit by 10/10

Call for Poets 2013

"The Doll That Has It All"

Equality. Fulfillment. Independence. Abundance. Power. Love. Maybe? How far has Barbie (or Ken) come since her arrival in 1959? Tell us what you think –- in poetry or haiku.*

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Announcing AlteredBarbie 2013

AlteredBarbie 2013: The Doll That Has it All!
That Bitch has everything

AlteredBarbie 2013 is in its 11th year and is taking place in the mission at Shotwell 50 Inc., 50 Shotwell Street, San Francisco.

Pictures from Poetry Night 2012

Poetry Night: Jennifer Hasegawa & David Pang present: Four more years! A woman, perhaps an Altered Barbie, will make it into the highest office in this country? 11/7/12

These fantastic photos by David Pang

About Tuan Tran

Tuan Tran Couture & ArtTuan Tran– Fashion and Art Biography and ApproachTuan is focused on creating Haute Couture garments of stunning beauty, made primarily from recycled or re-purposed materials. Materials such as recycled telephone wire and re-purposed manufacture's cloth material samples. His designs range from the ultra wild and edgy - made of  wire to the elegant hand woven garments from cloth. Other garments by Tuan are hand painted, and appear to be a wearable paintings, with others made from unusual cloth materials. His approach is to have the garment defy the source materials, with beauty that is undeniable.Tuan has a business background and studied accounting and engineering.

OBAMA AND MICHELLE ARE IN THE LIGHT TO DO RIGHT....Like the song says, "Let's Do It Again!" By The Staples Singers

 Out of all the White House Couples; I have read about this  lovely couple takes first place and more; of what family and love can be, a good example. I love Michelle's fashion artistry and attitude of, Standing behind your man...and with all the things that Mr. Obama  has to do, I can say, like the song,"let's Do It Again"! is  all, right on!!...chuckle, chuckle... 2013! Boy! have I been busy, y'all, just finished doing a show with the lovely comedian, GINA GOLD, with TMI productions. I performed a few humorous jokes with a medley of songs, this pushed the delightful crowd into more of  what was already happening"happy mode" and alot of laughs and fun. Gina, asked me to return to her next up-coming show, over at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley, Ca. November 21, 2013, 7:30PM Pacific, are $ 10.00 in advance and $13.00 at the door.

Press Release: The 10th Annual San Francisco AlteredBarbie Exhibition 2012

 ChatterBox Arts International presents
The 10th Annual San Francisco AlteredBarbie Exhibition
Shotwell 50, San Francisco, CA 94103
10/24/2012 - 11/18/2012
Wednesday–Saturday 1-8, Sunday 1-5

Julie Andersen
Altered Barbie 2012 Curator/ Event Producer
16 Flood Ave., SF CA 94131
Jurors /Curators: Julie Andersen, Dana Marek, Ruby Pearl, Donna Davis
The 10th Annual San Francisco Altered Barbie Show.  AlteredBarbie is running for President and on campaign with or without AlteredKen!  

AlteredBarbie is running for President: Included are some of her campaigns!


AlteredBarbie Campaigns 2012


AlteredBarbie is the 99%


AlteredBarbie Creates!


AlteredBarbie uses hot glue guns, not real guns!


AlteredBarbie says corporations are Not people


AlteredBarbie says separation of Corp & State! 


AlteredBarbie says Recycle, Reduce & Reuse!


AlteredBarbie  says compost!


AlteredBarbie says Yes to alternative energy


AlteredBarbie says yes to "sparkle ponies" 


AlteredBarbie says yes to teachers unions. 


AlteredBarbie says No! to corporate education reform!


AlteredBarbie says Separation of Corp & the edu-state!


AlteredBarbie says “No” to Super Packs


AlteredBarbie Says “No” to Nuclear Power


AlteredBarbie Making Workshop With Ruby Pearl and SCRAP!


Think Barbie out of the Box!  Alter and recycle your own Barbie and or Ken by embellishing and/or building an environment. 


Price per participant:  $25.00 / 35.00 special for parents.  

This includes 2 Barbie dolls per person.  10 person min.  

Place: 50 shotwell in the Mission district of San Francisco.




CoSponsored by:

Juliana Sage: Long Plastic Hair

Juliana Sage

I am a spoken word artist and singer, for almost my whole life so far. thanks for listening to those who do.

As Is statement

I saw these dolls in a thrift store I frequent.  I thought about them on and off that following week.  My daughter and I used to spend a lot of time with Barbie and now that time is passed.  A week later I saw them again, hanging in their bags.  Pictures of them played in my mind for another week.  Barbie, as with Venuses before her, can initiate travel into worlds both mysterious and familiar.  Then, I bought them and brought them to my studio. I have photographed them pretty much as they were; gestures cast in polyvinyl bags, heads down, eyes open, naked, mussed. As surely as knowing limits seeing, what I say here will guide your experience with this work.

Dr. Toy Endorses (Altered) Barbie for President


Dr Toy Endorses Barbie for President


Barbie would make an excellent candidate for President. It’s time for a qualified woman who can see both sides of the aisle to be a candidate.


Barbie has been around the world and back and knows foreign policy; she appreciates and is aware of domestic issues, knows how to keep workers busy, find and increase jobs, and expand employment. She knows the great issues facing the country. She can solve many problems as she shows her ability to collaborate and find solutions to our current and future challenges.




Barbie is on Campaign (with or without Ken)
Four more years! Are we on the cusp of a groundbreaking moment – wherein a woman, perhaps an Altered Barbie, will make it into the highest office in this country? In all countries around the globe? Altered Barbie has a message and a platform and she's ready to combat, contradict, and co-mingle with the likes of Mitt and Barack, Hillary and Sarah, with or without, Ken!

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BEAST BARBIE Series, making off pictures

Gallery pics of BEAST BARBIE Series making off, for our recent show THE TOY SHOW, Outsider Art Gallery, Frenchtown, NJ, USA, in May 2012.