Belle Naturelle by Kati Heljakka

Belle Naturelle

Belle Naturelle BW by Kati Heljakka

BlackWhite Belle Naturelle

BlackWhite Belle Naturelle II by Kati Heljakka

BlackWhite Belle Naturelle II

Pinebie 1

Pinebie 1

Pinebie 2

Pinebie 3

Pinebie 4

Pinebie 5

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Personal Information

Full Name
Kati Heljakka
Artist Bio

Kati (Katriina) Heljakka (born 1975, Doctor of Arts in Visual Culture, MSc. in Economics and Art History) is a toy researcher/artist with a background in studies of economics, art history and visual culture. Before commencing doctoral studies in visual culture at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture (Department of Art), she has worked in the toy industry. Heljakka has participated in designing many internationally awarded board games and taken part in various art exhibitions in Finland and the U.S. She serves as a member of the board for ITRA (International Toy Research Association), chairwoman for the Women in Toys, Entertainment and Licensing organization (WIT) and continues to play, study and work with toys and games, as an art critic and visual artist.

Artist Statement


Once upon a time there was a girl, who loved toys – especially dolls. Eventually, the girl became a researcher who wanted to know more about the magic that happens when we establish relationships with these wonderful beings. Photographing toys became one way of studying how adults bond and become creative with these ‘tools for happiness’ as one toy designer cleverly put it. That researcher is me and this is my doll-themed art.
I’m showing the newest results of my photoplay at the AlteredBarbie 2013 exhibition. Besides using lens-based media, I have also created some sculptural and interactive works including elements from toys and games. With my Pinebie (2011) and Belle Naturelle (2013) series, which both include hybrids of Barbie and organic material, I wish to welcome you all to the woods and to enjoy my visual tributes to the iconic doll.


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