Pinebie & Belle Naturelle from Finland

Hei from Finland!

My name is Kati and I've just joined the Altered Barbie community. I got in contact with some amazing Barbie-art in San Francisco last fall, when visiting my toy friends in California. For the past 4 years I have concentrated on adult toy play as both a researcher, artist and player. My toy-related photography, what I refer to as 'photoplay' has participated in many art exhibitions around Finland.

Also, I was delighted to exhibit my Blythe-themed photography in New York, in the summer of 2012. Besides using lens-based media, I have also created somesculptural and interactive works including elements from toys and games. With my Pinebie and Belle Naturelle series, which both include hybrids of Barbie and organic materials, I wish to welcome you all to enjoy my visual tributes to the iconic doll. Please enjoy!

PS. Find out more about me, my research and current projects on and my blog katistoycloset!