Barbie the Savior

I've been through a lot of big life changes this year, all of them good for the most part but they have been time and energy sucking on a grand scale. Despite the fact that all these things are for the better they left little time for my creativity. The problem with this is that creativity, especially altering dolls, is who I am, it's what makes me happy and whole and just, well, me.

I was striving to get things settled in life so that I could produce some new and good quality work to submit to Altered Barbie this year. After several months of not working on anything artistic at all it felt great when I sat down with a naked Barbie in my hands, just begging to become something unique and creepy and wonderful, even better was pulling her head off (by the way, if anyone has a use for a big box of Barbie heads then look me up, I can't bring myself to just toss them out). With headless Barbie I could feel ideas swirling and creativity surging. Barbie was able to instantly bring me back to myself and all the creepy, creative, fun that goes with that.

Recently I've had the opportunity to include some of my altered dolls in another exhibit and as much as I wanted to participate I could feel my artistic reserves running low again. Normal daily life had once again usurped on the joys of turning dolls into beautiful monsters. Late last night as I was searching the universe height and low for some sort of spark of inspiration I happened to catch Julie Andersen and Jody Bank's video for the Altered Barbie Kickstarter project. During that 7 minute video I was reminded of the positivity, creativity, thoughtfulness, playfulness and unadulterated pleasure within the Altered Barbie community. In a surge of pink and sparkles I felt inspired within the gratitude of being part of such a creative and incredible group of people. Even though I am at a physical distance at my little farm house in New Mexico, I am grateful to be some small part of the most fun and inspirational group of artists I've ever known to be assembled in one show.

And once again Barbie has reminded me of all the goodness and good times in this crazy beautiful life.