Dancing to the Beat

Aqueila M. Lewis

I'm remember seeing
Goddesses wrapped in purple saffron and white lace.
Snakelike body movements.
Looking like belly dancers.
Moving at a steady pace.
Moving to the sound of the beat.
Boom boom clap!
Boom Boom slap!
We are our own musical instrument.
Our bodies moving and grooving to the feet tappin' beat.
Boom tap tap.
Boom clap clap.
The smell of roses and exotic flowers.
The sound of bells.
Decorated in charms and shells
There's a Beautiful connection between us.
We've practiced these routines until perfection.
Your angelic eyes.
Look at those beautiful thighs!
Heads held high.
Wearing masks.
No longer to hide ourselves.
We wear them as our crown.
Standing in all our glory.
Dancing to the beat of our own drum.
The stage is what separates us.
I dare you to come closer.
Touch and see if we're real.
See our
Braided hair,
Painted toes,
covering belly buttons,
hands and nose.
Yeah, we look good and everyone knows it!
Let's strike a pose!
A picture perfect image of your silhouette.
There's no shame in this game.