"American Icon" - Performance Art at the Altered Barbie Artists reception

American Icon is the 1st Place Winner of the 2007 World Living Statue Competition held in Arnhem, Netherlands

A team of artists for the American Icon entry was led by Gregangelo Artistic Director for Velocity Circus. Joanne Evangelista a multi-award winning multimedia artist and master make-up artist created a special effect illusion make-up that took the completion by storm and helped secure first place.Audrey Rosales a native San Franciscan and circus artists was the original model for the competition and created the gown. Ms. Rosales stamina as a circus artists allowed her to stand motionless with her eyes close for hours as hundreds of thousands spectators and judges milled around her and judged the competition.

As multi award winning Velocity Circus is known for pushing the edge of innovation we are pleased and excited to pump up the volume on “American Icon” for 7th annual “Altered Barbie Exhibition” and include Suzanne Ramsey aka Kitten on the key as the “American Icon” model and vocalist. Suzanne Ramsey know for her extraordinary talents as a musical/variety artist in the International and National cabaret and burlesque worlds contributes her repertoire to "American Icon" a sure amp to the volume of our entry and in addition enhancing the provocative discussions surrounding "American Icon" .