Altered Barbie 2010 - Welcome from Julie Andersen

Get ready for the San Francisco Love affair with Barbie and the Altered Barbie Show! Altered Barbie is not just another pretty date, she is pretty much almost anything you want her to be!

It is Romancing the Altered Barbie a la San Francisco style! Please donate to the 2010 Altered Barbie Exhibition! We always need money and support to make the exhibition a reality.

Please contact Julie Andersen and check (pun intended) out the web site under sponsors. Thank you for being Angel Barbies!

What 2010 has to Offer

Look forward to updates on the web site including interviews with new and old artists and art, blogs, and articles that have almost anything to do with Barbie! And the making of art out of plastic.

Altered Barbie is gearing up for multiple events that will include interactive art events, shows, and much more. We will be collaborating with different artists, arts organizations, and NPO's throughout San Francisco! Currently we are negotiating dates with Galleries, flirting with the city, looking for sponsors and advertisers.

Altered Barbie is announcing a new Curatorial training program:

We will train you to present a multi dimensional interactive event that can include up to 100 active participants, from back end to show time!

If you are interested in interning with us, please contact me at The Altered Barbie exhibition will be supporting local and not so local curators.