Altered Barbie 2010 - Welcome from Herb Kaufman

Barbie Provides

My name is Herb Kaufman, I'm the project manager for Altered Barbie 2010. I have been meeting with Sensei Jill in coffee places around this city we love, meticulously preparing the ground for this year's show.

We're approaching the show like we're building a park. Team Jill prepares the soil, the artists plant the trees (and strange shrubs), and the viewers are mother nature, kind and cruel.

We want to give every artist a solid, healthy place to start and grow; whether they want to build on their current creative trajectory or take a much needed break from said trajectory. We offer Barbie.

This merry month of May we'll be deciding the two big numbers for the show, the when and where. We're digging it, right now, its all about the dirt and hopes for the future. All things through Barbie.