Altered Barbie Exhibition

Barbie (and Ken) are everywhere and can do anything right? We all recognize and relate on some level to these icons regardless of age, cultural or economic background. The AlteredBarbie community transforms these relatable and relevant icons into not so everyday one of a kind ART presented to you in a multitude of mediums and from as many perspectives right here. Welcome, sit back and enjoy AlteredBarbie Art.


The Barbie Party Scandal - Murder Was the Case

Murder Was the Case

Valley of the Dolls - House of Plastography

"Valley of the Dolls"

Whole Moon in her Hands - House of Plastography

"Whole Moon in her Hands"

Gum Doll Machine - House of Plastography

"Gum Doll Machine"


After Rousseau

Botticelli Barbie

Rapture Barbie


Barbie, Altered, Wax

Ruby Pearl

barbie bones altered clotheslines deborah colotti

Jaws & Barbs

The Barbie Party Scandal - Jealousy Ensues

Jealousy Ensues

barbie, avatar, assemblage, bobblehead

Avatar Barbie

Yellow Chicks - House of Plastography

"Yellow Chicks"

Shadow Woman - House of Plastography

"Shadow Woman"

Photo of SIlverware Barbie + Ken

Photo of Silverware Barbie

altered barbie

The Last Barbie part 3 On The Pyke

After School of Fontainebleau

Hula She Weed - House of Plastography

"Hula She-Weed"

altered barbie

The Last Barbie part1 The Attack

Shadow box of Barbie with paintbrush and paintings

Queen of Bad Art

After Matisse

barbie, assemblage, blondie, fascinator, headpiece

Chrysalis Barbie Fascinator

Nurse Hatchet Barbie

Nurse Hatchet Barbie $150

Green Tarbie

Medusa’s Daughter

Girls on Grill - House of Plastography

"Girls on Grill"

Anorexic altered Barbie dolls

Anorexic Barbies

Brazilian Booty

Dana Davis


Head and no Shoulders - House of Plastography

"Head and No Shoulders"

After Botticelli

A Little Black Dress can get a girl into so many places, but it can't always get her out.  Dimensions: 24" long x 14" wide x 9" high.  This piece was included in the 2012 annual exhibition.

Barbiturate Barbie and the Bottomless Bottle