Dana Davis

Dana Davis

Dana Davis

Dana Davis

Dana Davis

As Is Found dolls photograhed in the thrift store bags they come in.

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Dana Davis Found dolls in thrift store bags

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Dana Davis
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Dana Davis Bio

Dana Davis makes photographs in order to see glimpses of different worlds, to both find and give new order to the familiar and to remain humble before the awesome wonder of the universe. Raised in the sun and open spaces of Arizona, educated at Phoenix Community College, Arizona State University and Visual Studies Workshop, Dana presently runs a commercial photo studio, teaches at Berkeley City College, Contra Costa College and the ASUC Art Studio At UC Berkeley and continues to explore.

Artist Statement


I saw these dolls in a thrift store. They played in my imagination for a couple of weeks. As with other Venuses before her, Barbie can initiate travel into worlds both mysterious and familiar.

I have photographed them pretty much as they were; gestures cast in polyvinyl bags, heads down, eyes open, naked, mussed.

I suggest that art which engages the imagination will first reflect the familiar but must also contain windows of ambiguity where understanding is suspended and the mind can play.


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