House of Plastography


Gum Doll Machine - House of Plastography

"Gum Doll Machine"

Plum Crazy - House of Plastography

"Plum Crazy"

Utan She Weed - House of Plastography

"Utah-She Weed"

Frisky the Snowman - House of Plastography

"Frisky the Snowman"

Yellow Chicks - House of Plastography

"Yellow Chicks"

Casey's Snack - House of Plastography

"Casey's Snack"

Telluride Bike Rack - House of Plastography

"Telluride Bike Rack"

Head and no Shoulders - House of Plastography

"Head and No Shoulders"

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House of Plastography
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Plastographers, Mary Kenez and Jo Ellen Bourg have been photographing Barbie, Ken and a cast of plastic characters for about one year. Photographers independently for most of our lives, this collaboration has taken us on a journey all the way to Altered Barbie!

Artist Statement

Our "Altered Barbie" Plastography exhibit has been extracted from a show known as House of Plastography. Plastography is a strange and colorful photographic exploration of plastic creatures. What is scary to one person is comical to another. Who can say why? Maybe Jo Ellen can help, she is the licensed therapist. Plastography is breathing life into plastic. Plastographers, Mary Kenez and Jo Ellen Bourg


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