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Let Me Call You Sweetheart


La Sirena Yemaya, Diosa del Mar

Yoga Barbie

Yoga Barbie

Patesserie Bastille

Patisserie Bastille: October 16, 1793

A Flower Fairy

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Barbara Ustanko
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birth. life. death. repeat as necessary. rinse well.

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I am a textile artist and yoga practitioner with a deep-seated love of textures, found objects, assemblage and incongruity. My work explores a number of themes elicited by the Barbie phenomenon: the culture of materialism, the dissociative impact of repeated exposure to artificial images of perfection, the interplay of presence and absence inherent in human experience, and -- through it all -- the ever-present spark of the divine within that refuses to be extinguished no matter how many layers of conditioning may temporarily obscure it from our view.


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