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Zachary Landis
Artist Bio

Zach was born in Georgia but has found his home in the fine desert land of Arizona; Zach has always been inspired to create artwork using many different mediums but mostly loves to do impressionism with acrylic paints.
This includes but is not limited to painting on tables, glass, canvas, and of course Barbie and Ken bits and pieces ;-)

At 6'4, Zach enjoys long walks on the beach, sipping Pino Colada's, and getting caught in the rain...

Zachary is proud to be introduced into this years Altered Barbie Exhibition, especially by his crazy and amazing mom, Shosy G.

Artist Statement

Hello Guys and Dolls,
I would just like to thank Julie Anderson, fellow artists, and volunteers, for providing such an amazing opportunity to showcase Barbies bitchin' style and grace and that I feel honored to be among such a talented and fun community!


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