encaustic, mixed media
Woman, insect, other
encaustic, mixed media
yes, this semaphore
mixed media
you didn't say no
encaustic, mixed media
give me a sign
encaustic, mixed media
a strange fruit
mummy 1
wing and beak
mummy 2
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Personal Information

Full Name
Tinola Mayfield-Guerrero
Artist Bio

Tinola Mayfield-Guerrero is a philosopher, social scientist and mixed media artist based in Ohio.

Learn more at www.tinola.net

Artist Statement

Using found objects mixed in encaustic, Tinola explores ideas about whatness, being, embodiment, gender and the postmodern experience of presence.

Tinola is inspired by stories of space and by comets. Tinola incorporates bone, moss, insects, petrified fruit, photographs, dirt and other ingredients in many of her mixed media encaustic pieces. Her work is also informed by philosophy and feminist theory.

Tinola finds great joy and serenity in finding artistic treasures while going on long runs.


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