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Title: Barbie’s combative friend, Antagoné

Barbie’s chatty friend, Loquaysha

Barbie’s combative friend, Antagoné

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Mike Capozzola
Artist Bio

Mike Capozzola is a Bay Area based comedian
He has Appeared in Comedy Central's Laugh Riots and is a regular Invited performer at SF SketchFest. Mike has performed in London, Edinburgh, Vancouver and Jerusalem.
He’s also a published cartoonist and has contributed to McSweeney's, Mad Magazine, National Lampoon and The New York Times. You can see his comics at facebook.com/SurveillanceCaricatures
Oddly, Mike happens to be that annoying spokesman guy in the ubiquitous MyCleanPC commercial- but don’t hold it against him. It was just a job.
Other jobs have included three different species of mascot, a police sketch artist, substitute teacher and taxi driver. (Less exciting than the film)

Artist Statement

I draw pictures with art that is just about good enough to serve a funny premise.


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