Surviving the Oasis of Love

Down In The Valley of HeartBreak

She Was the Organ Grinders Daughter

Tay Tay

Hoofing It

How to Avoid the Perfection Trap

Mr. Anderson's Fetus Machine

Chicken of the Sea

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Exposing her minds eye thru the creative reuse of old doodads and forgotten notions a world of Dada is born. Candiland is a place where nostalgic odds and ends collide with abstract thought to tell stories.  The Dada works of Candiland are where the realities of an artist's life turn into dreams. Creator Candice Dela Fuente is the mother of two enchanting daughters Julie and Ava. Formerly with the Dada fusion art group Trashdoll, she has always been an artist and Dada is her true passion. This collection is dedicated in loving memory, to her grandmother Betty Jo Avery Rice. A talented potter, sculptor, painter and seamstress who encouraged her creative thought and expression through art.

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Dada is liberation and liberation is freedom.


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