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Personal Information

Full Name
Alexandra Moses
Artist Bio

Art Studies
B.A. Mills College, Oakland CA
M.A. California State University, San Francisco CA
Harvard University, Cambridge MA
College of Marin, Kentfield CA
California College of Art, Oakland CA

Juried, Curated, and Invitational Exhibits, and Commissions 2000-present

Alma on Dobbin, New York NY, November 2010 (Curated)
2B Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, November 2008 (Curated)
Artisans Gallery, Mill Valley CA (Juried Shows)
City of San Francisco, California, Art in Public Places (for permanent exhibit)
College of Marin, Kentfield CA (Juried, Curated, and Invitational Shows)
Galeria Ajolote Arte Contemporaneo, Guadalajara, Mexico, April, 2009 (Curated)
Galerie Kurt in Hirsch, Berlin, Germany, February, 2009 (Curated)
Galeria Z, Bratislava, Slovakia, January 2009 (Curated)
Harvard University, Cambridge MA (Invitational Shows)
Marin Arts Council, San Rafael CA (Curated and Juried Shows)
Marin Museum of Contemporary Art, Novato CA 2014 (National Juried Show)
Mills College, Oakland CA, commission Breaker of Barriers Award
Mills College, Oakland CA (Invitational shows)
Museum of Arts and Crafts –ITAMI, Hyogo, Japan, April 2008 (Curated)
President’s Collection, Mills College, Oakland CA
Sanchez Art Center, Pacifica CA (Invitational)
Sight and Insight Art Center, Mill Valley CA (Juried, Curated, and Invitational Shows)
Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Sebastobol CA (Juried Shows)
ZAIM,Yokohama Arts Foundation, Yokohama, Japan, June, 2009 (Curated)

Publications: Harvard Review, 2002, 2008.

Artist Statement

Insatiable curiosity pushes me forward. Exploring the space between order and chaos, I get to the place freedom and creativity hang out. Pushing materials, techniques, and equipment pushes my own self-imposed limits. Flexible materials become supporting structure. Everything becomes metaphor as I combine history and myth with milk and wine bottles, tea bags, shadows, tomato cages, fishing lures and children’s toys. When juxtaposing unrelated materials, I can turn gentle images into menacing forms and wrap menace in softness.


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