As Is statement

I saw these dolls in a thrift store I frequent.  I thought about them on and off that following week.  My daughter and I used to spend a lot of time with Barbie and now that time is passed.  A week later I saw them again, hanging in their bags.  Pictures of them played in my mind for another week.  Barbie, as with Venuses before her, can initiate travel into worlds both mysterious and familiar.  Then, I bought them and brought them to my studio. I have photographed them pretty much as they were; gestures cast in polyvinyl bags, heads down, eyes open, naked, mussed. As surely as knowing limits seeing, what I say here will guide your experience with this work.  It is like, upon showing you a Rorschach blot, I ask, "Do you see the rabbit?".  (This is so even if you think it's not a very good rabbit.)  I will only suggest that art which engages the imagination will first reflect the familiar but must also contain windows of ambiguity  where understanding is suspended and the mind can play.  I continue to add images to my site at if would like to see more.  Thanks!    Dana