Dr. Toy Endorses (Altered) Barbie for President


Dr Toy Endorses Barbie for President


Barbie would make an excellent candidate for President. It’s time for a qualified woman who can see both sides of the aisle to be a candidate.


Barbie has been around the world and back and knows foreign policy; she appreciates and is aware of domestic issues, knows how to keep workers busy, find and increase jobs, and expand employment. She knows the great issues facing the country. She can solve many problems as she shows her ability to collaborate and find solutions to our current and future challenges.


Barbie has played many roles in her long career as a teacher, and a lawyer, and other positions She knows how to shop, and would stimulate the economy especially on Rodeo Drive. She wants change too. She has prepared for this role, and has even brushed up on her economic skills, knows math, and has learned how to balance a checkbook. She would find answers to the deficit, and turn the country towards a balanced budget


Barbie would be perfect for the country if the country is now ready for a woman as President. She might keep her campaign promises, as she knows change takes leadership and courage as she possesses the ability to move ahead with determination and style even if others disagree ( even if others choose another player,  or playmate to interact with Barbie  respects each person’s right to choose). Barbie knows in America its all about choices.


Its time for Barbie for President. Dr. Toy endorses her as candidate, and approves this message. Barbie is running on the platform of “B inspired," "B informed" and "B involved”


Dr Toy has donated today to the Barbie for President Campaign,  and waits patiently for her to deliver as promised with her candidate’s arrival by June to discuss the campaign..


Dr Toy asks that Barbie “kiss and make up” with BRATZ so the message of hope and consideration for everyone in America to play with the candidate, doll or person of their choice regardless of party, ethnicity, economic or other considerations will be heard and respected at all levels.


Dr. Toy endorses the candidate, who can deliver on promises; who will provide America with vision, leadership and action.


Dr Toy believes Barbie understands the role of America as an effective leader of Democracy where everyone has equal rights; and is protected, and peace spreads in this country and around the world; the country by the people and for the people;  where the rights of all men and women are respected; Barbie would be determined to make this country safe for all children; Barbie would support the individuals right to believe and practice their beliefs and support human rights; Barbie would protect the environment, education, health (and send a message to the Supreme Court on the urgency of Health Care) and well being of all of its people of all ages; and guide America back to its roots of freedom and dignity; Barbie would bring new leadership to the most challenging role on the planet; She would strive to find new solutions for problems that must be solved for the planet to survive.


Three cheers for Barbie—


More information on the Barbie platform follows.  For more details on endorsement contact Dr Toy drtoy@drtoy.com