Altered Barbie Exhibition

AlteredBarbie 2013 is in its 11th year and is taking place in the mission at Shotwell 50 Inc., 50 Shotwell Street, San Francisco.

Barbie and Ken icons who represent modernity fitting for plastic dolls have everything a person could desire. They have multiple careers, vacations, the man, the woman, the divorce, the family, the cars, the houses, all that stuff, all those outfits, all those shoes! and the time and money to buy it all. It is a corporate forced lifestyle based on having things and accomplishments. This is grotesque in all its perfect superficiality and yet Barbie (& Ken) are beautiful and ideals we all secretly try to emulate. These icons are so powerful they strike a chord with almost every little girl, boy, woman and man in the world regardless of economic status or color.

On the Rose
Pinebie 4
Barbie's Bad Dream
The Best Balloon Floated Away, Stacie II
Two girls the way you imagined them
As Is #177
Pegasus, Barbie, flight out of greed, enlightened, Daniela Haskara
Pegasus Rescue of "The Angel of Good Intent"
Mea culpa barbie
Mea Culpa Barbie
Red Riding Hood
NYDB (Not Your Daughter's Barbie)
Sleeping Beauty
As Is Barbie dark whimsy Dana Davis Photograph
As Is #198
Photograph Dana Davis Barbie As Is thrift store found art
As Is 171
As Is 169
marie de sade
Marie De Sade
Azah wears a "Turkish Coat" of white with silver trim. Her dance attire is a band of ribbon top and a wrap skirt. She looks like a queen with her regal headress and fur neck collar. She also has some bindi adornment, and is naturally constructed of upcycled materials from dancers and barbies.
Diva Dolls "Azah"
Saint Wilgefortis
Tomboy Hair and Primary Colors
Dead in a Shoe
Hellraiser Pinhead Barbie