Obama Melody Love Song. now, 8 by 10's can be purchased $50.00....Back and runnning again!!! more to view "Pin Dollies"

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Artist: Cherrie Williams
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 I AM BACK!!!! YES! you can now purchased 8 by 10's, $50.00 autographed..!!!!Cherrie Williams Artist's Statement My art is mixed media; painting and performance. I create much of my art from "found objects" having been inspired by my "Grandma Susie", who was, herself, a folk artist. My most famous creation, the "Tiniest Jemima", was inspired by an aunt who was cooking pancakes in the kitchen as I sat at her gingham covered table with a box of Aunt Jemima pancake mix. I also perform on stage, singing my original grass roots compositions in jazz, blues, rock and hip hop. My mixed media submission, "Obama Love Melody Song, Obama and Michelle", is about respect, choice, hope and change for a better quality of life and depicts my interpretation of Barbie dolls as being the model of adolescence. *News Flash: Live! This piece can be touched and viewed at the Richmond Art Center: continued May 1st till June 5th 2010 Tues-Sat.ll a.m. to 5:00p.m.For more information contact:510-620-1252. for directions. The e-mail is cherriearts@yahoo.com,Hugs,Chuckle,Chuckle If you'd like to get the full story on how I began this work go check out website:www.domesticsunlimitedcherriewilliams.com, Thanks, to All! SOLD!

Mixed media: Barbie dolls - acrylic - hair - fabric - Fix-all - wood - wire - metal - found objects - performance
continued, one of a kind
original, running etc.
fixed piece of artistry, livingroom or dinning room,museum etc.