The "ME" DOLL: Cherrie Williams, The Doll Lady ! Is Here!!!...the 2014 Show!

Cherrie Williams, The Doll Lady!
Artist: Cherrie Williams
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The"Me" Dollie, will have photos for sales, each photo are 8 by 10's for now ! 25.00 per copy! All the other artwork has been sold...but, are showed for your viewing enjoyment... So, give me a little time to up-load, I am here 11/12/14!... Cherrie Williams, The Doll Lady on google+ is also, on the "aire" Joining Up new artist! for my: Recycling Artistry Simplicity To Unique! this e-mail, is for new, if interested,  now,my contact information: is the same: landline 510-482-5810, or for all my Altered Barbie stuff! I love being with you! This up-load is brought to you by one of my clients, Piedmont Copy Center in Piedmont Ca. A great Job! all these years. Thanks Guys!

One of A Kind- Orginal and or Prints by orders...
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Also, @ $25.00 per copy: Avaible for 8 by 10's framing...great gifts for the holidays!