Call to Artists

The 2014 Annual San Francisco Altered Barbie Exhibition
Mission Barbie !!

Barbie is on a mission… kick some long needed ass!  Gather up your discarded barbies to create what you believe Barbie’s mission is.  Is it to save or take over the mission district (beloved 94110 / 94103)  or San Francisco, CA or the entire USA, or the World?  Is her Mission To Eat you, Prey on you or Love you?   Or all three.  

Where: Shotwell 50 Studio: 50 Shotwell, San Francisco, CA 94103

  • Submission Deadline for images and to be in publications is: Now until September 26, 2014:  
  • Final Submission deadline is: October 10, 2014

Show load in October 19 3-6 
Show load in October 20 11-1

Pre-Opening Reception:  Thursday October 23, 2014 6-9

Opening Reception Party: Friday October 24, 2014 6-midnight

Poetry Reading Thursday November 6, 2014 7-9

Closing Party Saturday: November 15, 2014 6-midnight

Load out November 16, 2014 5pm sharp! 

Sign up or renew your membership on the website:

Please list the equipment you will supply for the piece (if applicable), and its display and power needs.  Please be as detailed as possible: cables, internet hook up, lap top, projector, speakers, monitor, etc.


Sales & Split: If a piece is sold, the artist will receive 50% of the proceeds.  All payment will be posted within 30 days from the closing date of the exhibit, barring unforeseen transaction delays. All work for sale will be clearly marked.

Insurance: Although every precaution will be taken to insure the safety and security of accepted art, please be aware that pieces are submitted at your own risk Altered Barbie does not insure submitted work against theft or damage.

Hosted By: Julie Andersen, Tea Roots Magazine & Shotwell 50 Studio

Co-Curated By: Julie (Jill) Andersen & TBD

To all future and past AlteredBarbie supporters and artists.  2014 has brought many changes to my life, but frankly it was the culmulative year in a series of years whose economic and physical woes I will not go into depth and have altered my life permanently.   The highlights are: my life partner developed liver cancer in 2013 and we went into foreclosure.  Both my home and my partner became survivors.   Unfortunately my partners and my relationship did not survive all the stressors of the past five years.  My partner and I are are now separated after 27 years of marriage.  Though this has been in a way devastating, these economic and physical experiences have made me realize how blessed I am to have my health and to be connected to you all through the alteredbarbie show.  2014 is the year of miracles and gifts!  My mission is to have a great show with all of you.  So, come along and lets celebrate AlteredBarbie one more time: Mission Barbie style.  

I also want to thank all continued supporters of AlteredBarbie especially all The artists and volunteers current and past including and not limited to Ruby Pearl, Jody Banks, Jaime Prieto, Anthony Hall, Dana Marek of Shotwell 50,  David Pang of Tea Roots, Jennifer Hasegawa, Velocity Circus, Donna Camille Davis Life Coaching, Cynthia Tom & Trinity, Mauricia Gandara & Pernilla Perssons, Beth Wright, Charlotte Davis, Chrys Moore Albaugh, Lavonne Sallee, Amy Levine, Annie Mockler, Shirley, Adam Kennedy, Sean Manzano, Randy Rollison, Shahn and Cameron, & Ethel Merman, Cole Hardware, Mendels, SCRAP, ChatterBox Arts International,  Lagunitas Beer, The Armory, The Press! All of the Press!  Thank you!  and of course all the supporters and buyers of art!  Every one of you is amazing and I am eternally grateful. 

Julie Andersen
Curator and Event Producer
AlteredBarbie 2014