Barbie & Ken plastic icons represent modernity by having everything a person could desire today. They reflect corporate imposed lifestyles based on greed as well as the more holistic concept of abundance. Barbie & Ken are Grotesque and yet are beautiful ideals and perfections we secretly try to emulate, making them much

 more complex than they appear and striking a chord with almost every little girl, boy, woman and man in the world regardless of economic status, color, language or culture.

The AlteredBarbie show has spawned a creative community of artists who utilize  Barbie and Ken, our modern day icons into creative and culturally relevant art  where start up artists and established artists take Barbie boldly where Mattel / Disney would never have the guts to take her. AlteredBarbie art reflects current events in our society, how we view women and men within these events and what our roles are that we play, play being the operative word.

The AlteredBarbie show is an important institution in the San Francisco art scene.  If you are a sponsor or patron and are looking to spend money or volunteer look no further.  There are multiple ways to get involved with Barbie.

2014 Show Announcement Coming Soon!
Submission Deadline October 24th

11th Annual Show Announcement: The Doll that has it All! 

Just a selection of recent artwork

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